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How to Report PES Cheaters

Konami report cheaters

report pes cheater

Properly Report Cheater in Pro Evolution Soccer

Get this, you are about to win an online division, MyClub or even WEPES Tournament match and it begins to lag right before it’s going to end. Hello PES Lag Cheater!

Konami gives the chance to the user to email reports following specific rules.  They also offer support for each continent.

But there’s a catch: They don’t care when you report individually. You can use their report links and e-mails but they won’t do anything.They could probably ban the player when the new PES statement is going to be released. Let’s say PES 2018 is about to launch, following the reports KONAMI bans the player from PES 2017. Completely non sense right?


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How to Report FIFA Cheaters

report cheaters in fifa 17

How to properly report cheating, harassment, or inappropriate names in FIFA series.

So you are about to win an Online Divisions, FUT or even a CUP match and suddenly before the match is going to end…internet connection just collapsed. Match ends abruptly and there’s nothing more to do than going to play another match by losing the contracts. Hello FIFA Lag Cheaters!

There’s only one way to properly report cheaters and abusive people found in FIFA Series and any other EA Game. Sending an e-mail to this address with all the proof you can.

Gaming Cheater Report has been created to help you with the proof part. With our community backing up your videos, screenshots. cheater player ID exposure and members support you only need to give them the link to our community as proof. They won’t have any other choice than actually ban the player.

Individual claims won’t help, they doesn’t care about people reporting cheaters. What you need is a whole community helping with your claims.